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Healthy Eating plan

This plan will help you reach your weight loss goals while still enjoying great food. Personalised to your taste, eat well and lose weight.

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Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Aim to lower your cholesterol by limiting 'bad' fats while enjoying 'good' fats and high-fibre foods on our cholesterol-lowering plan.  

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Heart Smart Diet

Healthy fats, fibre-rich and lower salt foods are combined in this plan to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  

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High Fibre Diet

Our high-fibre plan will fill you up while boosting weight loss and helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.  

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Lower-Sugar Diet

Help beat cravings and sugar 'highs' and 'lows' with this well-balanced meal plan that limits refined sugars. 

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Dairy-Free Diet

If you're lactose intolerant or dislike dairy products, our dairy-free meal plan will ensure you get all the nutrients you need, including calcium and vitamin D, while excluding dairy products.

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Low Fat Diet

Our low-fat plan will help you reach your weight loss goals and improve heart health by reducing saturated fats while still enjoying great food.  

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Low-Salt Diet

This plan will allow you to make healthy, lower sodium choices to help control blood pressure and avoid fluid retention.  

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Diabetes Diet

This high-fibre plan will help you stay fuller for longer and limits refined carbohydrates to help improve your blood sugars and reach your personal goals.  

Read more about the Diabetes Diet

Vegetarian Diet

The Vegetarian plan is perfect for vegetarians and vegans who want to lose weight but are struggling for balance and inspiration. Follow this diet and you will discover a delicious array of meat-free meals, based on your own requirements. You can even modify this diet to suit lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

Read more about the Vegetarian Diet

Low Carb plan

Cut out the bad stuff and start eating healthier foods like lean protein and vegetables. Recipes are filling and tasty - you will never be hungry on the Low Carb plan.  

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Total Wellbeing Diet

This plan was developed in Australia by nutrition scientists, and is largely based on high protein, moderate carbohydrate and low fat intakes.  

Read more about the Total Wellbeing Diet

Totals Plan

A ‘Total’ is the value given food and drink depending on their calories and food type. Then, depending on your weight, height and gender, you eat a certain number of food Totals each day.  

Read more about the Totals Plan
Gi Diet

Gi Diet

If you want to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived, this is the plan for you. Using the Glycaemic Index (GI) as a guide, this plan doesn't exclude food groups - it takes the best fats, carbs and proteins and offers you a plan that will help you banish cravings, lose weight and improve your health, all while eating satisfying foods.

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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Our Mediterranean Plan is full of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and healthy fats all of which will help you lose weight and look amazing! Who needs expensive skin creams when you can nourish your body from the inside out.

Read more about the Mediterranean Diet
Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-Free Diet

This plan will help you follow a balanced and healthy diet while avoiding all sources of gluten, such as wheat, oats, rye and barley.  

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Closer Diet

Closer Diet

The Closerdiets plan includes lots of the dishes you usually eat alongside delicious low-calorie options to make your mouth water. It's a diet-lite diet!

Read more about the Closer Diet
Little Black Dress Plan

Little Black Dress Plan

With our lower calorie LBD plan, you can lose up to 1 stone in 6 weeks. Best of all you still get to enjoy delicious, filling meals that have been created by our qualified nutritionists. Take the guesswork out of weightloss and feel energised this party season!

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